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Associate Professor Kuo-Pin Yu




Associate Professor Kuo-Pin Yu

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List of selected publications


1. Kuo-Pin Yu*, Yi-Ting Huang, Shang-Chun Yang. The Antifungal Efficacy of Nano-Metals Supported TiO2 and Ozone on the Resistant Aspergillus niger Spore. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2013;261:155-162 (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.173;Rank: 0.85%)
2. Kuo-Pin Yu*. Enhancement of the Deposition of Ultrafine Secondary Organic Aerosols by the Negative Air Ion and the Effect of Relative Humidity. JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2012;62(11):1296-1304 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.517;Rank: 53.17%)
3. Kuo-Pin Yu*, Chi-Chi Lin, Shang-Chun Yang, Ping Zhao. Enhancement effect of relative humidity on the formation and regional respiratory deposition of secondary organic aerosol. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2011;191:94-102 (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.173;Rank: 0.85%)
4. Kuo-Pin Yu*, Whei-May Lee, Ching-Pei Hsieh, Chi-Chi Lin,. Evaluation of ozone generation and indoor organic compounds removal by air cleaners based on chamber tests. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 2011;45:35-42 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.465;Rank: 12.20%)
5. Kuo-Pin Yu, Grace Whei-May Lee*, Guo-Hao Huang. The effect of ozone on the removal effectiveness of photocatalysis on indoor gaseous biogenic volatile organic compound. JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2010;60:820-829 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.517;Rank: 53.17%)
6. Kuo-Pin Yu, Wen-Yueh Yu, Ming-Chih Kuo, Yuh-Cherng Liou, Shu-Hua Chien*. Pt/titania-nanotube: a potential catalyst for CO2 adsorption and hydrogenation. APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL 2008;84:112-118 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.625;Rank: 4.44%)
7. Kuo-Pin Yu, Grace Whei-May Lee*, Szu-Ying Lin, Chien Ping Huang. Removal of bioaerosols by the combination of a photocatalytic filter and negative air ions. JOURNAL OF AEROSOL SCIENCE 2008;79:377-392 (SCI).(Impact factor: 2.447;Rank: 18.80%)
8. Kuo-Pin Yu, Grace Whei-May Lee*. Decomposition of gas-phase toluene by the combination of ozone and photocatalytic oxidation process (TiO2/UV, TiO2/UV/O3, and UV/O3). APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL 2007;75:29-38 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.625;Rank: 4.44%)
9. Kuo-Pin Yu, Grace Whei-May Lee*, Wei-Ming Huang, Chihcheng Wu, Shihao Yang. The correlation between photocatalytic oxidation performance and chemical/physical properties of indoor volatile organic compounds. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 2006;40:375-385 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.465;Rank: 12.20%)
10. Kuo-Pin Yu*, Grace Whei-May Lee, Ching-Pei Hsieh, Shihao Yang. Using ozone air cleaner to remove indoor volatile organic compounds. INDOOR AIR 2005;15:S170 (SCI).(Impact factor: 2.55;Rank: 5.36%)