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Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Full-time Faculty
Full-Time Faculty
Position Title Name Academic Degrees Office/ Contact Tel E-mail Specialties
Professor /chairman Yang, Chen-Chang Dr.P.H., Department of Epidemiology (Pharmacoepidemiology Program), Harvard School of Public Health

Room 309, Medical Building II

+886-2-28267000, ext.7901


 1. Clinical Toxicology

 2. Environmental and Occupational Medicine

 3. Safety of Chinese Herbs

 4. Toxicoepidemiology & Pharmacoepidemiology

Professor Chen, Mei-Lien Ph. D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Room 306, Medical Building II 

+886-2-28267000, ext. 7239

 1. Air pollution and health risk assessment

 2. Environmental and occupational health

 3. Environmental hormone and health
Professor Liu, Tsung-Yun Ph.D., the University of Iowa

Room 310, Medical Building II 

+886-2-28267000, ext. 7266

 1. Environmental toxicology

 2. Oral cancer and betel

 3. Regulatory toxicology
Professor Kou, Hsien-Wen Ph.D. Institute of Public Health. National Taiwan University

Room 308, Medical Building II 

+886-2-28267000, ext. 7922

 1. Air pollution and health risk assessment

 2. Epidemiology of environmental and occupational health

 3. Healthy city and age-friendly city
Associate Professor Yu, Kuo-Pin Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Room 311, Medical Building II 

+886-2-28267000, ext. 7933

 1. Bioaerosols

 2. Indoor air quality

 3. Nanotechnology for indoor air pollution control
Associate Professor Chi, Kai-Hsien Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan

Room 305, Medical Building II

 +886-2-28267000, ext. 7352

 1. Environmental change and social effects of pollution

 2. Persistent organic pollutants analysis

 3. Sources apportionment of PM2.5 and dioxins
Assistant Professor Pan, Wen-Chi Harvard School of Public Health Doctor of Science

Room 307, Medical Building II

 +886-2-28267000, ext. 7057

 1. Environmental cancer epidemiology

 2. High-dimensional analysis

 3. Mediation model